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Fiji Entertainment

With a plethora of activities to enjoy, there is no shortage of things to keep you busy while you vacation in Fiji. However, if you do get bored (which I doubt you will), Fiji has plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied for days on end. On Sundays, a good idea would be to take a stroll through the city, especially if you are staying in Nadi or Suva, and go shopping for souvenirs and other knickknacks. Another option would be to visit a Fijian temple or church service, where you can get to hear some great singing.

After the sun sets, the nightlife in Fiji is pretty good particularly in cities like Suva, Nadi and on the bigger islands. Many of the resorts and hotels in Nadi have discos and live bands to keep you on your feet, while for a more subdued evening, meke, lovo and fire walking performances are sure to take your breath away. Nadi also has a number of bars and pubs, as well as a few cinema houses downtown that screen English as well as Indian movies. Suva has the best nightlife in Fiji with a lot of bars, clubs and pubs. Head here to have a great time and mingle with the locals to see a different side of Fiji.

In the Mamanucas, the Beachcomber Island Resort has a reputation for being one of the best places to party in the South Pacific.

Many young people can be spotted here partying the night away.

Rugby and soccer are big in Fiji and is a great way to pass a few hours. Fijians take their rugby very seriously and almost every village has its own rugby team and field. Golf is also gaining popularity in Fiji with many courses found here. Pacific Harbour, Suva, the Coral Coast and Denarau Island all have golf courses.

A great time to visit Fiji is when its many festivals are held throughout the year. Come here in February or March for the festival of Holi or in October or November for the Diwali Festival. In August Suva comes alive with the Hibiscus Festival, while the Sugar Festival in Lautoka in September is also worth seeing. New Year’s Day is also celebrated with much fervor in Fiji, with some parts of the country having festivities the entire month of January.

Most who visit Fiji want little more than a white-sand beach, a cloudless sky and the opportunity to fall into a sun-induced coma under a palm tree. On this score, Fiji doesn’t disappoint. The Mamanuca and Yasawa islands arc north like a stingray’s tail from the body of Viti Levu and are Fiji’s movie stars, dangled in front of the world as idyllic South Sea Edens – their reefs and cobalt blue waters providing cinematic eye candy for films such as Tom Hanks’ Cast Away and Brooke Shields’ vehicle to stardom, The Blue Lagoon.