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Fiji Attractions

Fiji Tourist Attractions

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In order to discuss the many Fiji attractions you can enjoy, it is easier to look at each of the main islands and what they have to offer.


Pronounced Nandi, Nadi is the first island most visitors see. One of the most popular attractions in Nadi is the Hindu Temple, which is the larges in the island nation. Nadi is also home to a wide variety of architectural diversity that gives visitors their first taste of the country’s culture.

Coral Coast

The Coral Coast , which is found about 20 kilometers south of Nadi, offers a great variety of scenic beauty. The paved Queens Road , for example, meanders about the beautiful coastline. From here, Fiji visitors can take back roads that lead them to the highlands where they can explore more of the Fiji culture and amazing island beauty.

Pacific Harbour

The Pacific Harbour region, which is referred to as the “Adventure Capital of Fiji,” was developed with Fiji tourists in mind. Here, visitors can find a number of outstanding hotels and restaurants to select from. In addition, several cultural experiences can be enjoyed at the Pacific Harbour region, incuding watching the legendary firewalker that can be found at the nearby island of Bega . Bega, which is pronounced Ben-ga, is also home to numerous diving opportunities that are known throughout the world.

The Arts Village is also a major attraction in the Pacific Harbour . Here, daily performances of authentic Fijan dancing can be enjoyed. The village can also be toured each day and often includes demonstrations of pottery making by local artisans.

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Suva , which is Fiji ‘s capital, still boasts much of the same colonial character it has had since being developed in the late 1800s. Numerous museums and sightseeing tours can be found in Suva . One of the most visited museums in Fiji , the Fiji Museum at Thurston Gardens , is one of the most popular attractions in Suva . Here, visitors can see the largest collection of Fijian artifacts in the world. In addition, the amazing architecture, which combines both modern design and traditional designs, is a site to see in Suva.


Mamanuca, which is pronounced Ma-ma noo tha, is another Fiji island group that offers outstanding natural beauty. This island group is home to amazing reefs and isles, which are also home to Fjian villages as well as modern resorts. Here, Fiji travelers can experience a unique blend of ancient Fiji culture and modern lodging options. The resorts found on the Mamanuca islands are truly unique, with each offering a different Fiji experience to its guests. Fiji travelers looking to spend time in the sun also enjoy the Mamanuca Islands , as they lie on the weather belt and provide the highest “sunshine factor” to be found in the South Pacific.


The Yasawa Group is another region of Fiji that offers beautiful waters and sandy beaches. This region is comprised of 20 islands, all of which were formed through volcanic activity. Some of the larger islands in this region include Matacawalevu, Nacula, Naviti, Waya, Yageta, and Yasawa. Altogether, the Fiji islands in this region span 80 kilometers of space. Some of the best Fiji beaches can be found in the Yasawa group, as they contain pure white sands as well as lush rainforests. Some must-see Fiji attractions in the Yasawa Group include visiting the Blue Lagoon of Champagne beach and participating in cultural experiences, including attending a Sunday church service and simply interacting with the locals.

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is located on the north coast of Fiji . This area features a relatively dry climate as well as amazing mountain views. Kings Road is one of the most popular attractions, as the scenery along the road as it winds down the mountains is simply breathtaking. Another popular attraction is the city of Lautoka , which is about 30 minutes north of the Nadi International Airport and is the second largest city in Fiji . This mountainous area is home to the world renowned Fiji Water bottled water company, which can be visited by making arrangements beforehand.

Vanua Levu and Taveuni

Vanua Levu, which called the “ Big Island ” is actually the second biggest Fiji island. Nonetheless, this island measures 5,587 km2 and boasts a population of 130,000 people. This island, combined with Taveuni, are often referred to as the “real” Fiji because of its size and large population. Despite its large population, however, the Big Island of Vanua Levu still contains numerous untouched areas that provide a peaceful getaway that allows for an escape from the more populated tourist areas.

One of the most populated areas of the island is the town of Labasa , which is located to the north and has a population of about 25,000 people. Here, a large Indian argrarian community can be found as well as a thriving sugar industry. The second largest town on the island is Savusavu, which is home to many diving and yachting facilities.

This area is also home to the smaller islands of Kaimbu, Laucala, Matagi, Namenalala, Nukubati, Quamea, and Taveuni, which is a Mecca for divers looking to view amazing underwater beauty. In fact, one of its major attractions is a rainbow reef that is an amazing 31 km long.

Numerous resorts can be found in this region. Unlike other Fiji regions, however, the resorts in this area tend to be small and intimate, which creates a truly unique vacation experience.

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Many consider the Lomaiviti group to be the heart of Fiji . This group, which consists of seven main islands as well as several smaller islands, can be found on the east coast of the Viti Levu . In all, the group covers 411 square kilometers and boasts a population of 16,214. This island group, which includes the islands of Batiki, Gau, Koro, Makogai, Moturiki, Nairai, Namenalala, Ovalau, and Wakaya, is known for being a rustic and scenic retreat where Fiji travelers can simple rest and unwind.

Levuka, which is the former capital of Fiji , can be found on Ovalau. This town is known for being the most picturesque town in all of Fiji as it is still filled with colonial buildings. Many “firsts” have taken place in Levuka. For example, the island nation’s first private members club, post office, hospital, school, municipal governent, and town hall can all be seen here. As such, a visit to Levuka is like taking a trip back in time.


The Kadavu Group, which is located about 100 kilometers south of Viti Levu, is the fourth largest island in Fiji . In all, the group encompasses 411 square kilometers and is home to about 10,000 people. One of the main attractions in this area is the Astrolabe Reef, which is 50 kilometers long and encloses a lagoon that contains many islands. The Kaduva group is considered to be one of the most unspoiled regions in Fiji and is rich with rainforests and wildlife.

Below you’ll find some fun and exciting Fiji Tourist Attractions. With our Fiji tourist guide you can find tourist information and fun things to do on vacation while browsing the Fiji tourist sites by category or location. Use the side links to find more Fiji Tourist Attractions, vacation information, hotels, hot travel deals, and restaurants for your Fiji travel.

Sightseeing Tours

The majority of sightseeing tours in Fiji orginate from Nadi which lends itself as an excellent base for exploring the region. The most popular tours are to popular Mamanuca Islands which lie right off the Nadi coast. Fast Catamarans ply these waters visiting the resorts and taking day trippers for a day on the beach. There are sailing tours, uninhabited island tours, dolphin watching tours and snorkelling tours.

Viti Levu has a the most varied attractions and is the best place to stay if you want to do lots of exploring. There’s a great variety of organised sightseeing tours with pick-ups from all the resorts around Nadi and the South Coast, including beach tours to Nananu-i-Ra island, Historic Tours along the Coral Coast, Village Tours to picturesque locations, 4 wheel drive tours into the rainforest highlands and shopping tours.

To drive in Fiji you will need a valid driving license from your home country. Car rental companies are available from Nadi Airport, Nadi Town and other towns on Viti Levu. Driving is on the left.