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TRAVEL FIJI organises trips and personalised Tours to make sure you see real FIJI and enjoy the way you want to enjoy with friends and families while on Holidays to FIJI. We provide customised service to Individuals, Groups and Families.

While you are in fiji we make sure you are enjoying the places which you intend to visit.Travel Fiji also provides you with Mobile Internet connections while in FIJI so you dont miss out on your business or personal links overseas. Our Special Packages can be customised to you and your Families needs.

At TRAVEL FIJI, we organise your trip before your visit and also provide you flexibility to further be able to customize it while you in FIJI and wish to visit places outside your wish list. SIMPLY WE MAKE YOUR TRIP MORE EXCITING. Drop us what you intend to do in Fiji and fill up the online form so we understand you better.


No one knows the extraordinary Fiji Islands like we do. With over 30 years experience in Fiji, the team at Travel Fiji invites you to let us organise the holiday you have always dreamed of.

Travel Fiji specialises in customised services for travel within fiji with excellant support and service, high end luxury escapes, romantic escapes, corporate groups, family getaways, luxury and adventure cruising, Fiji Weddings and Fiji Honeymoons. Specifically tailored vacations are Travel Fiji’s specialty.


Most who visit Fiji want little more than a white-sand beach, a cloudless sky and the opportunity to fall into a sun-induced coma under a palm tree. On this score, Fiji doesn’t disappoint.

The Mamanuca and Yasawa islands arc north like a stingray’s tail from the body of Viti Levu and are Fiji’s movie stars, dangled in front of the world as idyllic South Sea Edens – their reefs and cobalt blue waters providing cinematic eye candy for films such as Tom Hanks’ Cast Away and Brooke Shields’ vehicle to stardom, The Blue Lagoon.


Getaways with Travel Fiji

Considering a romantic getaway for you and your partner? If so, then don’t forget that Fiji Islands has a huge number of island destinations, each with its own unique features and accommodation options. These range from small island resorts right on a white sand beach through to luxury hotels on the mainland with luxurious accommodation and 5-star amenities and facilities. The island option often appeals to romantics as they provide the opportunity of re-enacting the romance legends of Robinson Crusoe or the explorations by Captain James Cook who made several ground-breaking voyages through the South Seas. Discover the beauty of these secluded and idyllic getaways.

If your budget allows, look at the luxury resorts available. They provide romantic accommodation (often with outdoor showers and spas!), private dining by candlelight options, day spas and lots of included activities. But if you are on a budget, never fear, as there are lots of good low-cost accommodation options. They may not be 5-star, but they share the same night skies with so many stars that you will be overwhelmed by their magnificence!

Family holidays are a-plenty in Fiji. One of the favourite accommodation options and easily accessible from the Nadi international airport are the Coral Coast resorts and hotels. They offer all-inclusive packages and special deals that make planning a breeze. For those looking for an adventure vacation, maybe check out the surfing in Kadavu, or diving in Taveuni.

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